Island Hula Honeys Sleek Thermal Tumbler

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Item #: 107395
Our Price: $15.99

This Island Hula Honeys Thermal Tumbler is great for hot or cold beverages. It has a double-wall cavity to maintain the temperature of any beverage and a locking lid.This useful and stylish Hawaii souvenir is perfect for taking your favorite drink with you wherever you go!

Please read the below instructions before use:

- Clean and rinse thoroughly with lid open before using
- Do not microwave or put this product on hot surfaces
- When filling, be certain to cool hot liquids to a drinkable temperature before securing lid
- Make sure lid is secure before drinking
- Lid not guaranteed to prevent leakage. Designed to retain heat and reduce spills
- Use caution - do not overfill with hot liquids, and keep out of reach of children


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