The Aloha Shirt Book

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The Aloha Shirt provides a stunning pictorial history of the evolution of the Hawaiian shirt as an icon of relaxation, casual dress, and the allure of life in the Islands. With over 400 images of Aloha shirts, Hawaiian motifs, labels, and rare historical photographs, The Aloha Shirt features images and insights never before presented. A special feature of the book is the gallery of shirts, which shows the best collection ever assembled of rare and valuable shirts currently owned by private collectors.The colorful graphics are accompanied by a history spanning the 70 years of Aloha shirts, and drawing on dozens of interviews with industry pioneers, artists, retailers, and collectors.The book covers cultural influences on the Aloha shirt; tailors, seamstresses, designers, and celebrities who have popularized them; fabrics and printing processes; and invaluable information about Aloha shirts as collectibles.


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