Wyland's Shark Goddess of Pearl Harbor Men's T-Shirt

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This t-shirt is from artwork designed by Hawaii's great marine artist, Wyland. Makes a great gift or souvenir. 100% cotton tees will shrink slightly when washed and is available in sizes S-3XL.

Legend of The Shark Goddess
It was the native Hawaiians who originally called the Pearl Harbor area, "Wai Momi," meaning "Water of Pearl". It was also called "Pu’uloa". Pearl Harbor was the home of the shark goddess Ka'ahupahau and her brother (or son) Kahi’uka. The gods were said to live in a cave at the entrance to Pearl Harbor and guard the waters against man-eating sharks.

Shark Goddess Ka’ahupahau is said to have been born of human parentage but to have changed into a shark. These gods were friendly to man and it is said that the people of Ewa whom they protected would keep their backs scraped clean of barnacles. The ancients depended on Ka’ahupahau to protect the harbor's abundant fish ponds from intruders.


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