75th Gold Challenge Coin Arizona Memorial with Box

Images shown are an artist's rendering.

The front of the coin features a 3D sculpted version of the "Remember Pearl Harbor" logo — consisting of an American flag centered on the coin underneath a large, beveled "75" flanked by two 5-pointed stars. A waving banner emblazoned with "PEARL HARBOR" is draped over the lower half of the "75." The word "REMEMBER" follows the curve of the coin at the top; while the date "1941" follows the opposite curve at the bottom. The use of red, white and blue enamel add an additional level of patriotism to the front of this coin.

The opposite side of the coin features a 3D carved relief of the USS Arizona Memorial at Pearl Harbor. The carving stretches across the coin from edge to edge. It includes the American flag at half-staff and BB-39, the official designation of the USS Arizona.

The date "DECEMBER 7, 1941" and the words "USS ARIZONA MEMORIAL" are featured at the top and bottom of the carving respectfully.

The USS Arizona Memorial coin comes in both polished gold and polished silver versions.

This coin comes in a beautiful display box that features a simulated mahogany finish with the 75th Pearl Harbor Anniversary logo emblazoned on the top, silk and velvet interior with a custom coin setting carved into a foam core. The box uses gold-plated hinges and a hidden magnetic clasp for an extra touch of elegance.

Coin is 1 3/4 inch in diameter.

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