Christmas In Hawaii

November 27, 2023

Christmas In Hawaii

In Hawai‘i, Merry Christmas is Mele Kalikimaka! Christmas in Hawai‘i is very similar to Christmas in other areas around the world, however, there are a few things that make a Hawaiian Christmas particularly unique to the islands. In Hawai‘i, it’s unheard of to have a white, snowy, Christmas — on the contrary, many locals enjoy the white sandy beaches that Hawai‘i has to offer! Along with the white sandy beaches come sandy snowmen — or sandmen, instead of making snow angels and building snowmen, locals are out building sandmen and sand angels!

Another thing unique to Hawaii on Christmas are the Christmas lights on palm trees across the islands! In the capital of Honolulu, there is no shortage of Christmas cheer either! During the holidays, there is an annual Honolulu City Lights Ceremony that features a 50-foot Norfolk Pine Christmas tree that is decorated beautifully. This celebration also features live entertainment, and, of course, the performance of the Hawaiian themed Christmas Song “Mele Kalikimaka” composed by Robert Alex Anderson in 1949! And if you’re planning to visit Hawai‘i during the holidays, don’t count on Santa’s sleigh to deliver your gifts, instead keep a look out for Santa’s red canoe pulled by dolphins!

Christmas in the islands may be a bit different, but the Christmas cheer and aloha spirit is always there! Like any other place on Christmas, Hawaiians celebrate by enjoying time with ‘ohana (family) and hoaaloha (friends). The wonder of Christmas is enjoyed throughout the islands, and if you’re still in decorating mode, be sure to stock up on our holiday Christmas ornaments to give your Christmas tree a little extra aloha!