Hawaiian Desserts

June 29, 2020

Hawaiian Desserts

If you’re looking to spread some Hawaiian cheer this Summer, look no further! The Hawaiian culture isn’t just known for their delectably savory meals, they have wicked sweet tooth, too! In Hawai‘i, locals love to work with beautifully sweet tropical flavors that scream aloha. Because the cuisine of Hawai‘i is inspired by its multi-ethnic residents, the realm of desserts is endless. Some of our favorite Hawaiian inspired desserts are Chocolate Haupia Pie, Malasadas and Poi Mochi!

Chocolate Haupia Pie is a guaranteed crowd pleaser — usually made with chocolate pudding and topped with a layer of delicious haupia — a traditional Hawaiian dessert made with coconut milk and sugar! If you want to try out this bad boy, locals will always recommend the famous Chocolate Haupia Pie from Ted’s Bakery on Oahu. Malasadas were introduced to Hawai‘i by Portuguese migrant workers. They consist of a rich doughnut-like batter, deep-fried and then coated with plain sugar. YUM — and to make it even better, these treats are sometimes filled with custard for an extra hint of aloha! Malasadas are also a popular favorite — especially from Leonard’s Bakery! Last but not least, Poi Mochi! Mochi is a staple food in Hawaii. Poi Mochi is a combination of Hawaiian poi and Japanese mochi that is then deep-fried! Crispy on the outside with sticky gooiness on the inside! Usually topped off with a drizzle of pineapple, guava, liliko‘i or poi sauce for an extra tropical flavor!

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