King Kamehameha The Great

July 03, 2018

King Kamehameha The Great

King Kamehameha I was born in Kohala, Hawaii circa 1758. His mother was Hawaiian Chieftess Kekuʻiapoiwa IIand his father was Keōua Kalanikupuapaʻīkalaninui Ahilapalapa, the founder of the House of Keōua. Kamehameha was trained by his uncle, Kalaniʻōpuʻu – the ruler of Hawaii island. King Kamehameha is known for being the great warrior and ali’i nui (ruler) who united the Hawaiian Islands after much conflict.  

The Battle of Nuʻuanu is known to be the key battle in the final days of Kamehameha’s war that unified the Hawaiian Islands. Nuʻuanu is located on the southern part of the island of Oʻahu and it was fought between Kamehameha and his army against Kalanikūpule the last king of O’ahuOn June 11th, King Kamehameha Day is celebrated to honor Kamehameha. Floral parades are held throughout Hawaii associated with a lei draping ceremony in which the Kamehameha statue is draped in leis. Kamehameha will forever be known as the warrior and noble leader who brought our islands together.  


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