Legend Of Mahina

January 22, 2019

Legend Of Mahina

In ancient Hawaiian legends, Hina is known as the graceful and beautiful goddess of the moon. As you know from our Kuna Story, Hina was known for making some of the finest and softest Kapa cloth in Hawai‘i. At one point, Hina’s kapa was in such high demand that she became worn out and tired.

One day, Hina decided to leave Hawai‘i. She traveled high into the sky and went onto a rainbow – she met the sun and thought it was too hot for her to live. She then went onto another rainbow and traveled to the moon – she was so enchanted by it that she decided to make it her home, which is why the Hawaiian name for moon is Mahina.

Known for representing feminine power and strength, Hina is connected to the colors silver and white. Her preferred food is considered to be the coconut – some of our clothing is even inspired by her – like our New Coconut Moon Palm Monstera Men’s Aloha Polo Shirt! Next time you look at the sky, see if you can see Hina making her delicate Kapa cloth…she might just say aloha!

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