Legend of Pahulu: Hawaiian Sorcery Gods

January 29, 2019

Legend of Pahulu: Hawaiian Sorcery Gods

In ancient Hawaiian times, the practice of sorcery was one of the strongest forces that shaped the lives and characters of the Hawaiian people – it also determined the careers of their leaders. Legend has it that Kamehameha himself was extremely sensitive to the sorcery gods. There is an ancient Hawaiian legend that talks about the Goddess Pahulu. Her brand of sorcery is known to have been practiced through dreams. 

Pahulu ruled Lanai, Molokai, and part of Maui before Pele in the days when Kane and Kanaloa came to Hawaii. The island of Molokai is said to be the center of the 'strongest' sorcery in the whole group. Not much is known about the goddess Pahulu, but legend has it that all of Molokai’s sorcerers are believed to be descended from the Pahulu – it is said that they have more spiritual power or mana than sorcerers from any other island.

There is much to be learned about Pahulu through stories from Native Hawaiians, but for now, leave it up to Pahulu to meet you in your dreams and tell you about her sorcery!

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