Native Hawaiian Flowers

January 15, 2019

Native Hawaiian Flowers

Hawai‘i is known for being home to some of the most beautiful tropical flowers in the world. With varying fragrances, vibrant colors and delicacy – tropical flowers in Hawai‘i have the power to win over any heart, including ours! Many of our Hilo Hattie designs have been inspired by the beauty of the flowers of Hawai‘i.

Some of the Islands most beautiful flowers are the iconic plumeria, known for its fragrance and vibrant bright colors. The pikake, a delicate tiny white flower whose beautiful scent becomes the center of many Hawaiian made perfumes, and the state flower – the yellow hibiscus. Each island even has its own native flower. For Hawai‘i Island it’s the ʻōhiʻa lehua; Maui’s flower is  the lokelani rose; Kahoolawe cherishes the hinahina; for Lānaʻi it’s the kauna’oa; Oahu holds dear the ‘ilima; Molokaʻi the kukui; and for Kauai it’s the mokihana!

Throughout the years, tropical flowers have continued to inspire our designers. The meaning and vibrancy of the flowers allows for us to represent the native beauty of Hawaii. Check out some of our tropical flower prints online now at!

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