Shave Ice!

April 05, 2022

Shave Ice!

You’ve just ended a great day at the beach – the sun was shining bright upon your skin, the ocean was crystal clear, just the way you like it... Oh, and you finally have the tan you’ve been waiting for. You’re headed home, thinking nothing could make this day any better. All of a sudden, your sweet tooth kicks in and all that comes to mind on this hot sunny day is SHAVE ICE!  The perfect sunny day treat. You can scoop it, slurp it, coat it – oh boy, my mouth is watering at the thought! Who knew ice could morph into something so good?! You’re on the hunt for the cure to your shave ice thirst – but where should you go? 

In Hawai‘i, shave ice is a staple! Loved by locals and tourists alike, it’s a must have for anyone visiting the islands. Whether you’re dying for a coconut and banana syrup mixture (my favorite), or looking for the ice cream on the bottom — nothing makes a hot day better than a serving of fresh Hawaiian shave ice. Whether you’re walking down a street of shops or stumbling upon a row of food trucks, you’re bound to find a shave ice joint on the islands. We’ve gathered up the best local favorites to help you decide where to go when you want to bask in the flavor of a local favorite. 

On O‘ahu, locals love to go to Matsumoto’s in Haleiwa town  — a true shave ice veteran (they’ve been in business for over 70 years!). Matsumoto’s is a family-owned business with more syrup options than one could imagine. From classics like vanilla, strawberry and banana to an array of local obscurities like papaya and li hing mui — you’re sure to be in for a treat! 

On Kaua‘i, there’s one name that’s always been the talk of the town, Jojo’s! Located in both Waimea and Hanalei, Jojo’s is known for their homemade secret toppings — a definite crowd pleaser!  Oh, and you better get your taste buds ready. Jojo’s has over 60 flavors to choose from. Sooo ‘ono. 

If you’re into all-natural syrups and toppings, Hawaii island has just what you need. Original Big Island Shave Ice Co. is a must have treat for any visitor. Dating back to 1957, Original Big Island Shave Ice Co. has certainly made a name for themselves over the years with homemade recipes and traditional rainbow creations it’s no wonder shave ice lovers from all across the world try their sweet ice. Flavors of Big Island topped with love (aka picked mango), is there any way I could get a first class ticket please?! 

Last but not least, let’s take it to the valley isle. If you’re on Maui, one place is an absolute MUST try – Ululani’s Hawaiian Shave Ice! Known for their Maui-inspired topping combinations like No Ka Oi (Coconut, Lilikoi and Mango), Ululani’s will have your tastebuds doing the tango. And that’s not all, Ululani’s also uses Maui-made Roselani ice cream at the bottom, so you’re literally digging for gold! 

So, there you have it folks! If you’re in for a treat, then nothing cures a sweet tooth quite like the sweet, chill perfection of Hawaiian shave ice. Happy Scooping!