The Legend Of Kuna, the Dragon

November 05, 2018

The Legend Of Kuna, the Dragon

There is an ancient Native Hawaiian legend that tells of a powerful dragon or mo‘o named Kuna. The story talks of the moon Goddess, Hina and her encounter with Kuna. Legend has it that Hina lived in a caved concealed by the mists beneath rainbow falls – each day she was tormented by Kuna but paid no attention to him, she often mocked him instead. This infuriated Kuna and he decided that he was going to kill Hina! He planned to kill her as soon as her son Maui, the Demigod, left to paddle his canoe out to the deep sea fishing grounds. Unbeknownst to Kuna, Maui had enlisted Hina’s cloud servant, ao-opua, to sing a warning song and change her shape so he would know to return to Hina’s rescue in case any danger fell upon her.

While Maui was gone, a great storm arose. Hina slumbered, unbothered by the roaring noises of the waterfall. That night, Kuna lifted a boulder to block the falls causing water to rush into Hina’s cave. Hina was trapped and she was alone to face Kuna — she cried out until the water rises to the top and her screams reach all the way to the island of Maui where her son was. Maui, noticing the unusual and dark shape of the clouds began to head back towards the Big Island with two powerful strokes of his paddle. Maui split in half the rock that Kuna had lodged, clearing the falls, allowing water to rush normally. Kuna, knowing he had failed, rushed up the river to escape Maui’s rage. It is said that the remains of the great boulder, known as Lonokaeho lies there to this day as proof of Maui's prowess.

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