The Legend of Mo'o

January 09, 2023

The Legend of Mo'o

In Hawaiian mythology, Mo'o is a type of dragon or serpent deity that is associated with water and the ocean. According to legend, Mo'o were powerful and majestic creatures that possessed great strength and magical powers.

There are many different stories and legends about them in Hawaiian mythology. Some tales describe Mo'o as guardians of the land and protectors of the people, while others portray them as fearsome predators that must be placated with offerings and sacrifices.

One of the most famous legends about Mo'o is the story of Hina, the goddess of the moon, and her battle with the Mo'o Kuna. According to the legend, Hina was pursued by the Mo'o Kuna, a giant serpent that threatened to consume her. In order to escape, Hina transformed herself into a rock and waited for the Mo'o Kuna to pass by. Once the serpent had passed, Hina emerged from the rock and used her magical powers to turn the Mo'o Kuna into stone.

Despite their fearsome reputation, Mo'o were also revered and respected in Hawaiian culture. They were often depicted in art and other cultural expressions.

Whether they are revered as guardians or feared as predators, the legend of Mo'o continues to captivate the imagination an