Things To Do On Molokai

June 04, 2019

Things To Do On Molokai

On Moloka‘i, even the tallest building is much shorter than a palm tree! Moloka‘i gives you a true glimpse of Old Hawaii and encompasses true island beauty unlike any other. Are you planning a trip to ‘The Friendly Isle’ and want to make sure you take in all of its beauty? We’ve got you covered. Here are five things to do on Moloka‘i curated to make sure you see all that it has to offer, and more!

If you’re looking for beautiful white sandy beaches, Papohaku Beach is the way to go! Located on the West End of the island, it is the longest beach in the state of Hawaii and is often secluded. If you’re looking for a romantic beach, that is where it’s at! And make sure to gear up with a Hilo Hattie sarong and some reef-safe sunscreen! We recommend going for sunset – you won’t be disappointed!

If you’re looking to be one with nature, we recommend taking the Pepe‘opae Trail where you will be surrounded by the beauty of ohia lehua trees and the beautiful sounds of the apapane songbirds! By the end of the trail, you’ll reach the wonderous Pelekunu Valley, overlooking the island’s highest peaks.

Are you a history bug? If so, you will love the lessons to be learned at the Kalaupapa Peninsula. It’s the most isolated patch of land in Hawai‘i and was used as a quarantine zone for victims of leprosy from 1866 to 1969. Nowadays, only a dozen or so residents still live in the area! We recommend riding the mules and taking a tour to Kalaupapa!

And coffee lovers, don’t think we’ve forgotten about you! Coffees of Hawai‘i is a great café and gift shop located on a plantation. It’s a great spot to enjoy a cup of joe and to listen to the locals jam on their ukuleles!

Whether you’re looking to jump in the ocean, take a hike or learn more about Hawaiian history, Moloka‘i has everything you need for the ultimate island escape from reality. Luana (Enjoy)!