Trust In Mahina

September 07, 2020

Trust In Mahina

Some say the Hawaiian way is to let the moon or “mahina” guide. The moon provides light, allows us to tell time, lets us know when it is best to plant or fish, and helps with navigation. The moon is very important to the native Hawaiian lifestyle. There is an ancient Hawaiian myth that speaks of the Hawaiian Moon goddess, Hina.

In Hawai‘i, Hina represents feminine power, strength, and conviction. She takes on many identities – one being the mother of the Hawaiian demigod, Māui and another as the mother of the Hawaiian pig god, Kamapuaʻa. Hina is sometimes referred to as another manifestation of the Hawaiian fire goddess, Pele.

One of the most well-known myths about Hina speaks of her working by creating bark cloth. After getting tired of not being appreciated it is said that she left her husband, Aikanaka, by going onto a rainbow and heading for the sun. When the sun became too hot for Hina, she climbed to the moon where she became more comfortable.

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