Where To Find The Best Chocolate in Hawaii

September 14, 2020

Where To Find The Best Chocolate in Hawaii

Delightful, gooey, decadent…these are just a few words to describe our favorite sweet tooth cure, chocolate! With Valentine’s Day coming up, now is the perfect time to find your special someone a nice box of sweetness (even if that special someone is yourself!). At Hilo Hattie, our weakness has always been the perfect island inspired print, but around Valentine’s Day, we can’t resist the rich flavors in a quality box of chocolates! In honor of our love for chocolate and helping out our Hilo Hattie ‘Ohana, we’ve curated a selection of must-have chocolates available here on the islands. 

Nothing combines Hawaii and chocolate better than our friends at Hawaiian Host, founded in 1927, they are the makers of the iconic chocolate covered macadamia nut. Their secret? Fresh whole milk to create a rich, creamy and smooth chocolate that will fill your heart’s sweetest desires. Oh, and they’re connoisseurs in caramel, too. That’s right! Their Maui Caramacs with dry-roasted mac nuts covered in caramel and milk chocolate are a Hawaiian Host fan-favorite. You can add them to your Hilo Hattie cart right now! We carry a selection of Hawaiian Host chocolates, so cure your sweet tooth and gift them to your loved ones year round. 

Next on our list, Mānoa Chocolate. Hawaii grown chocolate with a Belgian/Swiss/German style twist is calling our name.  Not only is this chocolate creamy, decadent and to-die-for but it’s also sustainably produced. #winwin Mānoa Chocolates come from locally sourced cacao and even include other Hawaiian products like Maui-grown lavender, Kailua ghost peppers and coffee from Hawai‘i island. Talk about an ‘ono dose of flavors!? 

And finally, did someone say 100% Hawaiian grown cacao beans? Our final chocolatey selection is by the Original Hawaiian Chocolate Factory. Made with hand-picked, sundried Hawaiian grown cacao beans, Original Hawaiian Chocolate Factory sweets have a distinct and rich taste / texture making them extremely decadent. Their cacao beans, known as Criollo, are known for producing only 15% of the world’s chocolate, making it rare (and all the more delicious). And let us tell you, we can’t get enough of it! 

There you have it. Chocolate can be enjoyed all year-round, but is especially loved during the wonderful season of aloha. We hope you enjoy the chocolatey flavors of the islands!