Bubble Shack Rainforest Run Naturally Magnificent Wash for Dogs

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To rid your pooch of fleas and ticks and other crawly creatures that might hop on your beloved after a day or running through the rainforest, wash em' with Rainforest Run with Eucalyptus and Lime Essential Oil for a natural way to say goodbye to unwanted pests.


A Naturally Magnificent Wash for Pooch and People


-16oz -Natural dog shampoo with organic extracts


-Free of sulfates, detergents, parabens, phthalates, and artificial colorants


-All natural dog shampoo rids your pet of fleas and ticks


-Made in Hawaii with coconut and kukui nut oil to heal hot spots and maintain a shiny coat


-Long lasting, fresh scent from essentials oils -Reduces shedding with omega 3 fatty acids from kukui nut oil and shea butter


-Deodorizing and naturally anti-bacterial


-Includes shea butter and aloe vera to relieve dry, itchy skin


-Use it on your dog and yourself-you’ll love it too!

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