Hawaiian Host Macnut Crunch 2-Piece

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The mouth-watering marriage between macadamia nuts and crisped rice covered in a blanket of premium milk chocolate is a match made in heaven. Each snack size package of Hawaiian Host Macnut Crunch contains two pieces. One for you and… another one for you. Buy several so you can share. Makes a welcome gift for friends and family. 

  • Crunchy, buttery macadamia nuts
  • Crisped rice
  • Covered in milk chocolate
  • Two morsels in every package
  • .7 ounce

Chocolate Disclaimer: We do not recommend chocolate shipments during the summer months (April 1st – November 1st in the U.S.)
due to the high temperatures, which affect the Chocolates, causing them to bloom and discolor. HiloHattie.com will not be liable for any damages caused by high temperatures during transit on packages shipped during these summer months.

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